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💡 Four main trends that will dominate global digital marketing throughout 2023!!

The marketing platform Semrush has identified the four main trends that will dominate global digital marketing throughout 2023.

More investment in organic marketing and creative content.💸
💪🏻 This strategy is oriented towards preparing to be as competitive as possible to make a financial leap in case the economy changes. In this sense, there will be an exponential increase in tools that indicate what consumers are searching for or on which websites they are investing their time.🌐
This will allow professionals to design content that resonates with consumers.👨‍💻

Brands will align with the social purpose of consumers. 👥
🗣️ Customer communication will be reinforced with the goal of understanding the causes that matter most to them and thus enhancing those values internally within the company, communicating them externally, and strategizing to position themselves as leaders of change. 👩🏻‍💻
In this regard, Google searches for 'brands with social purpose' increased by 133% between December 2020 and December 2022. 📊

More content generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI).💻

⌚️AI will enable cost reduction, time savings, and improved creativity through task automation. Additionally, it will also empower marketing professionals to predict behavior, enabling the creation of personalized messages and enhancing consumer interaction. 😊
In this line, data indicates that since ChatGPT was released on November 30, 2022, searches related to AI increased by 167,855.8% from November to December 2022. 📈

Consumer testimonials will gain importance in marketing strategies.✍🏻

A customer testimonial about their experience with a product and/or service is an excellent way to connect with consumers in a meaningful way, and that's why it is gaining increasing relevance in marketing strategies. 👌🏻

💡Therefore, Semrush platform recommends focusing on creating meaningful connections with customers and encouraging them to share their experiences with the brand through their preferred platforms. 🙌🏻

😌 Likewise, incorporating consumer stories into business strategies benefits both the brand image and customer loyalty. 😉

May 4, 2023


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