Written by ANA RANGEL

Techniques to apply neuromarketing🧠 in your business😎‼️

🔺 Use the psychology of colors: Did you know that we tend to associate certain colors with feelings? 😱 That's why it's crucial to understand the meaning of each shade and how to use it according to our goals 🙌🏻.

🔺 Explore the "purchase decision factors": What drives our consumers to buy? Is it the exclusivity our brand offers, scarcity, or urgency? 🤔

🔺 The famous A/B tests: Once we have the colors and our decision factors, we need to TEST how it works, if others like it. ✅

🔺 Price effect: Does $14.99 look different from $15? Play around with those numbers 💲👌🏻

🔺 The art of #storytelling: Did you know that telling captivating stories makes a significant difference when it comes to winning customers? 😉

🔺 Repeat ideas and concepts strategically: "Repetition is the mother of retention." 😱 Repeating ideas and concepts strategically makes your message more powerful and persuasive 🙌🏻

-June 28, 2023​


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