written by Landy olvera

What is 'nudge' in marketing? 🧐

To help the customer close a purchase.✨ Create elements and paths that facilitate the customer's choice and, consequently, the final purchase.

Direct link: Links that you can add to direct to the page with the correct information.😌

Easy to add to the cart: All contact points on social media, emails, etc., should make it easy for them to make the purchase. 🛒

Pop-up ads: These are ads that appear covering your entire screen offering some kind of deal or discount. 🙌

Suggested decisions: When you already know a person's buying preferences, it's much easier to make posts based on those preferences for purchasing. 👌

Recommendations from other customers: Ratings from other users on your sites always strengthen your brand. 🧑‍💻

Proper management of your social media: Monitoring your posts and campaigns becomes relevant. 📲

-February 15, 2023​


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