written by Camila Narvaez

What is Google Ads? ✨

It is the most used, popular, and well-known Internet advertising platform in the world. The advertiser ensures that the investment made is more profitable, efficient, and dynamic than if they invest their advertising dollars in other platforms where they pay for each published ad. 😃

It offers real results much faster than other alternatives. Advertisers can choose to have their ads displayed without paying for it. They only pay when a potential customer clicks on their ad.

What does Google Ads offer? 🧐 There are several ways to advertise on this platform. All guarantee a very high level of quality in terms of brand awareness or merchandising:

• Search campaigns: ads directly related to searches that are published on the main text pages when consumers use the search. 🔎

• Display campaigns: ads with images, photos, gifs, text, or video that are seen or appear when using websites and apps affiliated with Google's own Display Network.

• Remarketing campaigns: these are a subset of display campaigns designed to personalize advertising. Users who have visited the website before can see ads (image, text, or video) with the help of these activities. 😎

• Video campaigns: these are video ads that can be seen on Google's partners and on YouTube, the world's most popular video platform. 📲

• App campaigns: you can use this campaign if you want to advertise in your app. In addition to Google Play and Google Search, Google's graphic and search advertising partners, AdMob, and other sites can host your ads. 👌 Do you need to use Google Ads? We can help you! 😉

-February 10, 2023​


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