written by Camila Narvaez

What do you need to segment well in Facebook Ads? 🤔

To segment effectively on Facebook Ads or any other advertising platform, what you need is a fundamental aspect for your business: It is crucial to know your customers well. ✨ If you don't know your potential customer well, it will be very challenging, and you may end up making many assumptions. If you haven't defined your buyer persona yet, now is the time to do it. 😊 The more information you have about your potential customer, the better.

One of the best tools to extract all the needed information from your potential customer is the empathy map. 🙌 What benefits will you get from segmenting on Facebook Ads? 😁

❌ Reach the right audience to introduce your brand or products/services, especially if they are not yet familiar with it.
❌ Stay in the mind of your potential customer so that when they have a need that your brand satisfies, they remember you.
❌ Avoid having people label your ads as uninteresting because they are not interested in what you are advertising.
❌ Achieve more results or conversions with advertising.
❌ Optimize your budget by targeting those people who have a higher probability of converting.

February 1, 2023


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