written by Camila narvaez

Why should Google Ads be used? 😌

The reasons why companies should advertise with Google Ads are varied:

• It's immediate: any company can start displaying its ads the same day the campaign is created. 👌

• Pay for tangible results: the CPC or cost-per-click method allows you to pay for each click achieved and not for impressions or the CPM modality. This means that you only pay when users or potential customers access a specific website, not just for viewing the ads. 🙌

• It has a massive reach: it is estimated that Google users make around 3.8 billion searches every day. This can be added to the audience of Google Display, Google Play, YouTube, among others. 📈

• Highly customizable: if the conditions of this service are met, unique campaigns can be created. Google not only wants to have an infinite number of advertisers but also aims to maintain a very high level of quality in each of the ads that appear on its platform. ✨

• Adapts to all types of companies or businesses: as it allows customizable campaigns, Google Ads makes it possible to provide more profitability to companies of any size, regardless of their industry. Contents that are pornographic, violent, undermine human dignity, racist or xenophobic messages, or animal cruelty are not allowed by Google's policies. But if you comply with the rules and policies, it is very profitable. 😊

-February 22, 2023​


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