What is the AIDA Formula for copywriting and how can it help us in Marketing?🔴

☝🏻The AIDA formula helps us focus on the needs of our customer to guide them in their purchasing decisions.

What does the AIDA formula consist of? 🤔 Its acronym corresponds to each of these: 🔺Attention 🔺Interest 🔺Desire 🔺Action 🔺 (or in English, Attention-Interest-Desire-Action), and therefore aligns with the stages of the sales funnel.

🔴 In short, it is a copywriting application structure that aims to impact the prospective customer, capture their attention, and influence their purchasing decisions.✨

☝🏻To apply the model, we need to follow a series of phases with four keys that are very easy to understand.☝🏻

⭕️ Attention In the first phase, we aim to grab attention. As in all marketing strategies, we need to understand and motivate our buyer persona to acquire our product or service, or achieve the conversion we have set as a goal. To do this, we must start with a compelling headline. To gauge the success of this phase, we can look at the number of clicks on links.

⭕️ Interest The second stage of the AIDA model involves making our target audience feel that they have a need, problem, or desire that we will be able to satisfy, so that we get them to identify with what we offer. Here, the user begins to research, so persuasive writing is crucial. We can gauge the success of this phase through the number of page views and the time spent, for example.

⭕️ Desire In this stage, we will have achieved the intention to purchase in the potential customer by promoting the benefits that will result from this action, translating into a desire to buy. We will not discuss physical or technical matters but rather what choosing us will truly mean. For this, we can leverage one of the great marketing strategies: content marketing. A metric that can help us understand if it's working is the percentage of 'carts' or the percentage of people who reach the payment stage.

⭕️ Action The last stage involves taking action and closing the sale or conversion, so we must make it easy and encourage it, for example, through a user-friendly sales page or an added benefit such as a discount. Therefore, creating a Call To Action that engages the customer easily is essential. It's time to tie up all the loose ends. We will have achieved our goals in this stage by knowing the subscription percentage, purchase percentage, or any conversions we have set.

- April 26, 2023​


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