written by LESLIE RIVERA

3 books that will make you better at digital marketing😉📖

✅ "Digital marketing is a highly valuable discipline, and the daily impact it achieves defines the capabilities of the brands that implement it.

✅ With a series of resources that are constantly being updated, it is possible to deploy the best capabilities in digital marketing.

✅ The significance of digital marketing has currently been defined as a task of great importance in the market.

⏺️ "Storytelling with Data" (Cole Nussbaumer): Responsible for helping you with graphics 📊 and visualizations 👀 focused on creating engaging stories.

⏺️ "Data Analytics" (Herbert Jones): The ultimate guide to Big Data analysis for businesses, data mining techniques, data collection, and business intelligence concepts 🧠.

⏺️ "Digital Marketing Strategy: An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing" (Simon Kingsnorth): Through the integration of tools ⚙️, it clearly explains to the reader and, most importantly, provides resources that undoubtedly help identify crucial activities in the market.

-September 7, 2022


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