written by Leslie rivera


  1. 1.-A good way to ensure that your branding campaign is successful is when it becomes the solution to a problem, to the extent that it becomes a trend, both socially and on social media. This way, many users will be talking about the campaign and will start spreading the word about your brand. 馃摚

  2. 2.-Brand with emotion. Create an illusion of generating a feeling of need for the user towards the brand with the help of images, sounds, or messages. Aim to create positive emotions so that the impacted individuals have an association with the brand and the services and products it offers. 馃槑

  3. 3.-Ensure that the message of your advertising campaign reaches everywhere. Consider the target audience for the brand and the media where it is most likely that they will see the brand. You can achieve greater impact by combining both offline and online channels in your advertising. 鉁旓笍馃槈

  4. 4.-Choose an online advertising format that stands out in its presentation and grabs the customer's attention. A "banner" or "wallpaper" of the brand usually attracts attention to achieve that intention. 馃憗锔忊嶐煑笍

  5. 5.-Ensure that your brand has a viable position within external websites where the visibility of your brand's advertising is good, capturing the customer's attention. 馃寪

  6. 6.-Whether you are doing a "Display" or a specific action on social media, look for activities that go beyond a simple click or tweet. Seek a form of user interactivity with your campaign, such as online catalogs, surveys, dynamics, etc. 馃寪鉁旓笍

  7. 7.-It must have a creative concept. Both for the interactivity of the campaign and for the concept, creativity is the key. Simply saying "let's be creative" is not enough if you invest in the brand just for the sake of it. Reflect on whether it's worth investing time and money in a campaign proposal that can work. 馃檶

-September 28, 2022


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