written by leslie rivera


Trademarks and patents are rights granted by the state to exclusively use something for a certain period of time 🕑.

They are two "distinct" exclusive rights. In this way, "While patents promote innovation by granting a monopoly system to those who create inventions that advance technology, a trademark or distinctive sign is a monopoly over a sign that can be graphically represented to distinguish products or services in the market" 😎.

We all know textual or graphic markers 🆒🆙🆕, but there are others, such as sound markers 📢, three-dimensional, or olfactory 👃 markers. It is possible that in the future, other modalities such as touch or taste 🖐👅 may be allowed.

According to Claudia Oleaga Maguregui, a lawyer at Protectia Patentes y Marcas, "A trademark is a distinctive sign used to distinguish a company's products and services in the market from those of other competitors." On the other hand, the protection period for a patent is 20 years because it is believed that, for the benefit of society and general progress, "protection is limited first, and then it is specified what is detailed in the patented invention that is public and can be used by everyone," explained the lawyer. 🧐

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- August 27, 2022​


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