What is an insight?🤔

The term 🔺insight🔺 refers to the homonymous English word, which translates as 'understanding, perception, or knowledge.”.😱

☝🏻In marketing, it is a way of referring to the emotional connection and consumer behavior towards your brand, product, or service, and thus identifying what the audience desires from you.🗣️

Insight characteristics: 🙌🏻For an insight to comprehend and express the conscious and unconscious needs of customers, intensive work is required. Finding the insight for your brand demands a lot of observation, dedication, a bit of intuition, and effort.

🔺Some characteristics of insight in marketing are:🔺 🔴 They address the real needs of consumers: They provide added value for the user, such as a sense of belonging to a community, to mention an example.

🔴 They are an anthropological and psychological view of consumption. Through insights, the goal is to understand the consumer's world and highlight certain aspects of it. This is important because, by understanding the user's behavior towards your product or solutions from the competition, we can adapt it in a way that is more aligned with the end user.

🔴 It connects a consumer with a product that generates an emotional link. A well-crafted insight forms an intimate and personal bond with the consumer, making them consider it an important element in their daily life. Through a marketing strategy, we can even encourage the product to represent the consumer's alter ego, what they seek or wish to be, their extended alter ego.

- April 12, 2023​


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